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Forensic & Clinical



Jennifer Rohrer, Ph.D.

Roman Lokhmotov, Psy.D.





• Competency to Stand Trial

• Competency to Waive Miranda

• Criminal Responsibility / Insanity (Mental State at the Time of the Offense)

• Downward Departure

• Malingering & Deception

• Mens Rea / Diminished Capacity

• Mitigation & Sentencing (including Capital Cases)

• Sex Offender Evaluation

• Violence Risk


• Civil Commitment

• Disability Determination

• Malingering & Deception

• Parental Capacity

• Personal Injury

• Psychological Autopsies



• Cognitive / Intellectual

• Diagnostic

• Mental Health Evaluations

• Personality

• Second Opinion

• Substance Abuse



Jennifer Rohrer PhD
Licensed Psychologist (FL & GA)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (VA)


Dr. Jennifer Rohrer is a clinical and forensic psychologist, licensed in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.  She obtained a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Kent State University.  She completed an American Psychological Association-accredited internship at Florida State Hospital and postdoctoral training at Georgia Regional Hospital – Savannah.  Dr. Rohrer's internship and post-doctoral training focused exclusively on forensic psychological assessment and evaluation.

Dr. Rohrer has also taught master's- and doctoral-level clinical and forensic psychology courses since 2008 at various universities.  She served as the Chair of the Forensic Psychology program at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DC Campus, from 2011 to 2013, and later joined the George Washington University's Forensic Psychology Program as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 2015.  She was also featured as an expert in forensic psychology on the Investigation Discovery channel.

Dr. Rohrer's practice focuses on the clinical and forensic assessment and evaluation of adolescents and adults. She is usually hired by attorneys or the court to conduct evaluations on individuals who are involved in a legal process.  However, her services are also sought out by individuals who would like to provide an evaluation to their attorneys or the court proactively.

Roman Lokhmotov PsyD
Licensed Psychologist (MD & WA)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (VA)


Dr. Roman Lokhmotov is a clinical and forensic psychologist, licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington.  He is also credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.  He obtained a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences.  He completed his predoctoral internship at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington (Washington, DC) and postdoctoral training in private practice.  Dr. Lokhmotov's training focused extensively on clinical and forensic psychological evaluation.

Dr. Lokhmotov has also taught master's- and doctoral-level clinical psychology courses, focusing on psychological assessment and evaluation of children, adolescents, and adults.  He served as the Director of the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Program at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences from 2013 to 2017.  He also served as the Director of Clinical Training in the APA-accredited Doctor of Psychology Program at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in 2017. 


Dr. Lokhmotov is a qualified forensic evaluator of adults and juveniles in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  His experience includes providing evaluations for a variety of psycholegal questions and clinical purposes.  At this time, Dr. Lokhmotov does not accept private referrals, but serves as a consultant to the Capital Psychology Group.





Primarily located in FL, we also provide services in GA and VA.


4651 Salisbury Rd, Suite 400

Jacksonville, FL 32256


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Dr. Lokhmotov:

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